Amazing Spider-Man, the (2015) 3 - Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide

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Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide
Amazing Spider-Man, the (2015) 3
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Super heroes and super villains alike have been disappearing. At first, these appeared to be isolated incidents, but something much more sinister is going on: the so-called hero Regent, a.k.a. Augustus Roman, has used his resources to siphon his captives' abilities. Now, he has the power of the rest of the Marvel Universe at his fingertips - and it will take the combined efforts of Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Iron Man and the rest of the All-New, All-Different Avengers to stop him! Which is a problem, since web-head and shell-head aren't exactly getting along - and their conflict may well open the door for Regent to begin his assault on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But could a certain redheaded mutual acquaintance of Peter and Tony be the key to foiling Regent's plans?

Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #12-15 and material from #1, plus the classic Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #19.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Spider-Man (Spinneman)
Reeks/Deel: Amazing Spider-Man, the (2015) 3
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9780785199441
Scenarist(en): Gage, Christos , Slott, Dan
Tekenaar(s): Garrón, Javier
Genre(s): Marvel superhelden
Uitgever: Marvel

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2. Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide

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