Persephone - Hades' Torment

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Hades' Torment
€ 18,50


In this sexy, full-color graphic novel romance first released as a webcomic, desire blooms in the goddess of the harvest when she meets the ruler of the underworld.

According to the ancient legend, the Lord of the Dead kidnapped the innocent daughter of Demeter--or did he? The truth is, Persephone is no damsel in distress, but a spirited young lady with an overbearing mother. A failed scheme by Apollo leads Persephone to a chance encounter with the mysterious and handsome Hades, who is struck by love’s arrow. Now Hades must wrestle with his aching heart before he loses total control of his feelings, but desire is raging inside Persepone herself.

This sensual take on Greek mythology, a self-contained graphic novel perfect for romance novel readers and beyond, is recommended for older audiences.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Persephone
Reeks/Deel: Persephone
Verschijningsdatum: Week 47, november 2021
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781648276514
Scenarist(en): Shaw, Alison
Tekenaar(s): Shaw, Alison
Genre(s): Manhwa, Romantiek
Uitgever: Seven Seas Entertainment

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