Nude Model and Other Stories - Nude Model and Other Stories

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Nude Model and Other Stories
Nude Model and Other Stories
€ 13,95


Yamaguchi is a truly unique mangaka, who uses her background in the visual arts to turn the traditional style of josei manga into something stranger and more erotic. These three deeply resonant stories explore a darker side of Yamaguchi's imagination, weaving complex webs that provide little in the way of easy answers, while accurately depicting the strangeness and confusion of life for teenagers and adults alike. Fascinating, elliptical, alluring - despite being a collection of shorts, Nude Model is very much more than the sum of its parts.

Three erotic short

Nude Model, in which a high school delinquent tries to seduce an introverted artist in his class, only for her to turn the tables on him.

Girl, in which a teenage boy becomes in-demand for his recordings of erotic moaning, and uncovers a sexual predator on the school's staff in the process.
And Kamiya, in which a young doctor who can't stand the sight of blood overcomes her fears by going to a host club staffed by vampires, only to get caught up in a serial killer's web.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Nude Model and Other Stories
Reeks/Deel: Nude Model and Other Stories
Verschijningsdatum: Week 8, februari 2024
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781647293369
Scenarist(en): Yamaguchi, Tsubasa
Tekenaar(s): Yamaguchi, Tsubasa
Genre(s): Volwassen
Uitgever: Vertical Comics

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