Lady Death - Origins 1 - Abandon All Hope

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Abandon All Hope
Lady Death - Origins 1
€ 19,99


For the first time, the illustrious history of Brian Pulido's fan-favorite heroine will be collected in a new series of graphic novels - Lady Death: Origins! Featuring breathtaking adventures that have been - until now - out of print, the Origins series is a perfect way for fans to experience the full breadth of gothic fantasy which inspired the new monthly comic book series by Boundless Comics! This initial volume collects the epic "Abandon All Hope" origin story, illustrated by Ron Adrian, introducing readers to a tragic young woman named Hope, whose quest to save her mother's kidnapped soul leads her to a perilous mystical realm... and her transformation into the cold, alluring warrior Lady Death! Also contained within is "Wicked," a tale of blood and sorcery illustrated by Richard Ortiz, providing further insight into the iconic Lady Death and her supporting cast.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Lady Death
Reeks/Deel: Lady Death - Origins 1
Verschijningsdatum: 2010
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781592911127
Scenarist(en): Pulido, Brian
Tekenaar(s): Adrian, Ron , Ortiz, Richard
Uitgever: Boundless Comics

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