Joodse Brigade, de - The Jewish Brigade

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The Jewish Brigade
Joodse Brigade, de
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Complete collection. Collects:
1. Vigilante
2. TTG


In the waning years of World War II, as the tragic plight of the European Jews was coming to light in ever more horrific detail, a Jewish fighting force, known as the Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, was born as part of the British Eighth Army. Leslie Toliver, a racecar driver in the pre-war years, eagerly joined the all-volunteer force for a chance to fight with his people against those who sought to murder them.

When the war in Europe ends and the "savage continent" sits on the brink of continental civil war from chaos, terror, and famine, Leslie and the Brigade move to Tarvisio, Italy, a border triangle city perfect for covert action. While out searching for Holocaust survivors, Leslie undertakes vigilante missions in Soviet occupied Eastern Europe hunting down Nazis on the run for both vengeance and justice. With each Nazi found or refugee rescued, he looks for more information to complete his most personal mission: to find his mother and fiancee who went missing in the upheaval of the war.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Joodse Brigade, de
Reeks/Deel: Joodse Brigade, de
Verschijningsdatum: Week 39, september 2021
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781682477236
Scenarist(en): Marvano (Mark van Oppen)
Tekenaar(s): Marvano (Mark van Oppen)
Genre(s): Oorlog
Uitgever: Dead Reckoning

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