Captain America - Iron Man 1 - The Armor & the Shield

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The Armor & the Shield
Captain America - Iron Man 1
€ 15,99


Two of the greatest Avengers of all unite! When a government agent turned Hydra provocateur stages a daring breakout on her way to prison, the escape attracts the attention of both Captain America and Iron Man! When Steve Rogers and Tony Stark realize they both have a connection to the slippery fugitive, they team up to track her down -- only to discover that she's not the only player on the board with big plans and sinister motives. What have the two Avengers stumbled into? And how do the Paladins fit in? They're a group of eager new super heroes -- but will they be an asset for Cap and Iron Man, or a deadly liability? It's Winghead and Shellhead together again in a thrilling new tale of suspense!

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Captain America, Iron Man (IJzerman)
Reeks/Deel: Captain America - Iron Man 1
Verschijningsdatum: Week 20, mei 2022
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781302934637
Uitgever: Marvel

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