Delisle - Collectie - Even more bad parenting advice

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Even more bad parenting advice
Delisle - Collectie
€ 12,95


Laugh-out-loud anecdotes from the front lines of parenting Ever wanted to know how to be awarded the Best Dad in the Whole World? Guy Delisle has all the answers for you in these lighthearted, entertaining tales of parental mishaps and practical jokes gone wrong. Whether he’s helping remove a pesky, wobbly, but not quite loose tooth or trying to win at hide-and-seek, his antics will resonate with every parent who has wanted to give a sarcastic answer to a funny question from their kid. Even More Bad Parenting Advice marks Delisle’s second foray into the world of offering bad advice to parents, and a second opportunity to express the minor frustrations and many joys of parenting. His skillful hand at illustration and ironic way with words, which helped to popularize his travelogues about daily life in faraway places, are just as much the stars here as he or his children are. His sense of comic timing shines through in these simply told stories; with their lively flow, a change in facial expression or a few words can serve as the punch line. Even More Bad Parenting Advice celebrates the reality that parenting isn’t all first steps and gold-starred report cards; it’s stinky diapers and never-ending drives to the grocery store, too.

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Held/serie: Delisle - Collectie
Reeks/Deel: Delisle - Collectie
Verschijningsdatum: Week 46, november 2014
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781770461673
Scenarist(en): Delisle, Guy
Tekenaar(s): Delisle, Guy
Genre(s): Roman
Uitgever: Drawn and Quarterly publication

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